September 24, 2021
  • September 24, 2021

Apple AirPods max marking Apples entry into the “over-ear headphone business”.

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The extravaganza music video vibes. Apple is launching its new product in the headphone business and with that raising many questions. Let’s take a brief look at what Apple AirPods max has to bring in for us. The main thing to celebrate about, that Apple has finally marked its entry into the “over-ear headphone business”.

With a price of $549 (INR 59k)! The Apple AirPods Max over-ear headphones are big and expensive. But with their sound quality, they don’t fail to impress us. They also have the additional features found in AirPods Pro. But are they even worth it? That’s the real question.

All we can do is let’s know their outstanding features in a brief. With its noise canceling and solid wireless connectivity arguably a better one than what we get in its competing models

All we can do is let you know their outstanding features, solid wireless connectivity, and noise canceling The Apple AirPods Max is arguably a better one than what we get in its competing models. As Apple’s entry into the “over-ear headphone business” was inevitable the product has lived up to the usual high standard of the company.

In short, Let’s see what are the pros and cons Apple AirPods Max has to offer-

The pros are-

• The top-notch is its Adaptive noise canceling and its transparency mode.

• They are surprisingly very comfortable though it has a heavyweight.

• It can automatically switch between iOS devices on our iCloud account as it has multipoint Bluetooth.

• Apple AirPods Max has a Spatial audio virtual surround especially for iPhones and iPads acts like a bonus feature.

• A good performance for calls in terms of the headset.

• It has an Impressive build-quality and sound.

The cons constitute-

• There’s a loss of many features for those who want to use it with android.

• Apple AirPods Max is very heavy and expensive and on top of it, the smart case is too smart to carry!

• There’s leaking of sound so people can listen to what you are listening if your volume up!

• There is no cable included if it has to be used in the wired form.

Let’s get a detailed view for our tech lovers ????

Full metal jacket

The first thing we can notice while unboxing is that there is nothing out there in this range when it comes to its build quality when compared to other headsets.

The main reason for its heavyweight is that it has a lot of metal. Making it problematic for many people. Weighing 385 grams, Apple AirPods Max is heavy

It’s the best for Comfort

They are very comfortable surprisingly though it has a heavyweight., it has a headband designed in such a way that it takes a lot of pressure off from the top of our heads for those people who have neck problems. To stand out It has gel-like memory-foam earpads. Making it more breathable than the typical leather or faux leather out there in the market They have a fabric covering different from what is found in Sony WH-1000XM4.

The cutting-edge sound

With very superior sound quality, AirPods Max is completely at par with the existing high-end headphones. Its tight bass, crisp highs, and wide soundstage exceed the other headphones in some aspects when it comes to sound quality. Though it does not provide aptX or Sony’s LDAC codecs streaming platform and only runs on AAC streaming platform which makes it mostly non-compatible with many android devices.


AirPods Max with its arguably the best active noise cancellation technology has finally dethroned Sony’s WH 1000XM4 which had the best active noise cancellation in the market till now. But, the Bose’s 700 headphones slightly edge out in noise cancellation. Though, undoubtedly, the Apple AirPods Max has much clearer sound than all the other high-end headphones.

Only Two Buttons?

Yes! with only two buttons located on the right earcup on the headphones, apple has clearly shown its innovation skills. The front button is used to switch between noise cancellation and transparency mode and the second button is used as a controller for volume, answer and end calls, making the functions to control in a much easier and more efficient way.

Other worth noting features

To allow easy pairing and automatic switching with other iOS devices that you have on your iCloud account AirPods Max has Apple’s H1 chip. One can issue voice commands without touching any buttons as this feature goes with Siri too.

with noise cancellation on AirPods Max Battery life is rated at 20 hours. You will get 90 minutes of playback by the Lightning port from a 5-minute charge.

The controversial case is of the protective cover case that comes with the AirPods Max. It makes it easy to get on and off the headphones. The AirPods Max can get charged when they are there in the case. The magnet inside the clasp helps to save battery life as it puts headphones into a deep sleep mode. AirPods Max headphones do not have a power button that turns it off that’s where the controversy lies.

The final concluding thought-

We might feel it’s overrated If we try to compare AirPods Max features with its value. But performance-wise when compared with, the Sony WH-1000XM4 or Bose Noise Canceling Headphones 700 the AirPods Max delivers a high-end experience and stands out in a very crowded field of wireless headphones.

Classier and extravaganza it’s a must-buy for Apple lovers.

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